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Thursday, June 3, 2010

SCOOP!!-Air conditioned Canteen.


  • EXPECTED ON : 16th,June 2010.
  • STATUS       : installation of AC units pending!
  • Deadlock       : None.
  • Catalyst        :Counselling dates.   

If you are a gitamite,you might have heard the rumour about the canteen being made centrally air conditioned,but since you are a gitamite you probably nipped  the rumour in the bud,cause you know that half the things the management says don't come to life.

But this isn't one like that,the management never officially declared their desire to convert the canteen into a centrally air conditioned,one till April,2010.

And now,we present the details,investment on the canteen air conditioning and the expansion plans of the canteen.

As usual,with all our recent SCOOP!! section articles,we owe this info to the Buzzing bee :P.


The canteen,the root cause of all evil,according to the management,the first canteen managements claim to fame was the Maghadeera (Telugu Movie),2009.

Rear View:

This Blogzine was non-existent during the first semester,and hence we have no old post to link too,and hence we decide to recollect the adventures of Maghadeera,for the sake our our new readers,ala,the juniors,Vizag gitamites,and non-gitamites.

Here follows a brief introduction to the Maghadeera effect on campus,Click here for a briefer note on the mass bunk,Click Me.

And we have also published a side kick article for this particular post,The Maghadeera  bunk.


The current canteen is set to be upgraded into a full fledged centrally air conditioned canteen unofficial sources say that the whole process of Expanding(Yes the canteen is expanding,check the below pictures),and the cost of setting up new air condition units,is touted to be about 23 lakhs(INR),which is totally unofficial,and our approximation of the current cost comes upto  something around 25 lakhs.


This is the second instance of the Great Wall of Rudraram,giving way!

The first one being reported right after the start of second semester(2010),the new crack kicked in about last week.

The following pictures tell a good story.The wall behind the current canteen has been demolished,and the canteen will be expanded in order to convert this extra space ,the wall which separates the canteen and this current space will also be done with.

New Look:

The New look of the canteen will have two rooms,one the front portion,which was left to sky,during the first academic year,this portico of the canteen is being converted into one segment(room),while the interior room of the canteen will be expanded to accommodate the outer region(pics follow).




DSC01094 DSC01096



Change in name ? Probably not!

And the update on this portion of the canteen follows,

Note:The below two pictures are part of the (beta) Campus 360° program,and hence the weird photography (:P).


You can see the new wall from the window in these pics.



This canteen(referred to as the old canteen),will apparently  be catering specifically to the South Indian needs,while the new canteen will be restricted to the North Indian delicacies.

The new canteen as previously reported,Click me!,is coming close to completion.


The canteen is obviously one of its kind and a notch above what you get in the Vizag campus,probably the only thing where  the Hyderabad campus has an edge over the Vizag campus.

But with all these goodies it still remains to see if the management will switch on the air conditioning or conveniently  forget it.

The consequences like increase in faculty patrol of the canteen cant be ruled out  ,and it will  surely deter “the law abiding”,students from using the new canteen to its fullest!



p.s.Is the Subway really coming to GITAM University Hyderabad ?

Keep An eye on this space !

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